How in the world do you earn a rank on ARCbots!?

How do you get a rank on ARCbots?

To become a moderator or a ARCbot Time Seller, you have to do the following:

  • Users on ARCbots cant buy either a Mod rank or a Time seller rank, especially you cant win contests to get receive the rank.
  • You get it by hard work and dedication to either Help or Support our website.

Here is more information on how to earn a rank:

  • You must help users with their ARCbot-related problems, questions, and concerns. This is one of the most important things to do to at least become a Temp Mod or a Permanent Mod.
  • You must be active.
  • You cannot have had a bad record on ARCbots, like swearing, starting fights, phishing other users, and scamming.
  • You should know ARCbot commands and Rules.
  • You should follow the T.O.S..
  • You should learn how to setup a bot.
  • You must follow all rules, users who often break rules won’t have that high of a chance of being a moderator and a Time Seller.
  • At this time, all ticket and forum volunteers are owners on the chat. This is due to their obvious knowledge and experience with xat.
  • RiCo, Adam, and Actavus can make a user a moderator or a Time Seller when they think the user has earned it.
  • Trusted Members are made Temporary mods when needed and, based on your performance as a temp, will decide if you get mod.
  • Trusted members are temp-mods when theres no other mods or owners are active.


And make sure you help a lot on our epic chatbox! ;)


- Luke

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