How to setup an ARCbot.

1) Make a new xatID (GUIDE)
2) Go register a new XatID (GUIDE)
3) Login to your xat account and deactivate locks+protection to OFF [This will allow the bot to login]
4) Decide on which chat room you'd like the BOT installed.
5) Get on your chat room, then make that bot a member/mod/owner. (The more power it has, the more things it can do)
6) Assign the bot power, then activate it. Now edit the power to your bot's xat id then save the settings. (GUIDE)
[Please hold off on new powers for 1~2 weeks, as they sometimes glitch/bug up with the bot power]
7) Gather all the above information above and use it to create your bot inside the CPanel

1) Create an ARCbot account
2) Change the bot's xat account by inserting your bot's xat account
3) Change the chat room id to your chat room (dont include http:// or www type urls in front)
4) Under account information put ur xatID under xat owner ID so that way the bot listens to you.
5) Turn on your bot by clicking the refresh button
6) Check if your bot came online your chat, if successful, the bot will logout saying it expired
7) If the above happened in step 4, go ahead and add time into your bot by going to "Add Time" (Picture)
8) PLEASE NOTE YOU MUST have the bot power: (bot) and setup correctly in-order for the bot to work in your room
9) All of this is listed at our Guides Page Located at guides.

For video tutorial click here

How to pay for ARCbot time.

1) Go to ARCbots chat room: click here
2) Say "!staff " and the bot will tell you the available staff that you can buy time from. (all owners are bot sellers)
3) Transfer a mininum of 1000 xats (1 month) with the message "[arcbotusername]"
4) The time will be added to your account automatically.

For video tutorial click here

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