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About Wiki Editors

  • These users have the power to create and edit articles.
  • If you see anyone claiming that they're a wiki editor and isn't listed here, please contact us via chat or support ticket.

How to become a Wiki Editor?

  • Now you can apply to wiki editor!! You can do that by clicking HERE.
  • You must have knowledge about wiki codes, be an arcbot staff, or a really good helper of arcbots.

Wiki Administrators

Nickname Xat Account
Ashley jr.png Actavus (367927622)
Nathan us.png Nathan (14014)
Bau pt.png Fonduri (304771992)

Wiki Editors - Translators

Wiki Name xat Account
André br.png xAndre (39015655)
Mauzim br.png Mauzim (1489668313)
Yoiker es.png Yoiker (585653087)
Booh br.png Booh (87651608)
Rata es.png Rata (700700)
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