Bots Chat Official:

Bots of ARCbot Chat Official:

  • Your xat needs to be official to stay here.
  • It is simply impossible to get your chat official! The not demand more official chats.
  • To be a official chat isn't needed the "blue eight ball (8ball). The "8ball" blue means that the chat has debug and can be used by volunteers / administrators to test.
  • Some chats that aren't listed on wiki and has 8ball blue (debug), will be listed here.
  • To check if a chat is official, just go on that list and see if it is listed. Click here to go on the list.
  • Note: The flag jr.png means the chat is INTERNATIONAL.

Chat BotID
Ajutor ro.png 19568
ARCbots jr.png 103
Ayuda es.png 100669
Cambio es.png 97813
Chuai th.png 18882
Helfen de.png 70798
MundoXat es.png 74537
Ndim al.png 20428
Novedades es.png 19541
Krapfik th.png 85883
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