Bots Chat Official:

Bots of ARCbot Chat Official:

  • Your xat needs to be official to stay here.
  • It is simply impossible to get your chat official! The not demand more official chats.
  • To be a official chat isn't needed the "blue eight ball (8ball). The "8ball" blue means that the chat has debug and can be used by volunteers / administrators to test.
  • Some chats that aren't listed on wiki and has 8ball blue (debug), will be listed here.
  • To check if a chat is official, just go on that list and see if it is listed. Click here to go on the list.
  • Note: The flag jr.png means the chat is INTERNATIONAL. ashamed_smilie.gif

Chat BotID Official
ARCbots jr.png 103 Active
Chuai th.png 18882 Active
Helfen de.png 70798 Active
Mosa3adeh sa.png 122636 Active
Ajuda pt.png 126874 Active
Loja jr.png 126797 Active
Cambio es.png 97813 OFF
Ndim al.png 20428 OFF
Ajutor ro.png 19568 OFF
Ayuda es.png 100669 OFF
Aide fr.png Loading OFF
Aiuto it.png Loading OFF
Help us.png Loading OFF
Pomocy pl.png Loading OFF
Yardim tr.png Loading OFF
chat jr.png Loading OFF
Game us.png Loading OFF
La_Stanza it.png Loading OFF
Social us.png Loading OFF
Sohbet tr.png Loading OFF

New Note: Unofficial / Tribute Chats But are added here -

Chat BotID Unofficial
Novedades es.png 19541 Active
Krapfik th.png 85883 Active
Fundos pt.png 127516 Active
MundoXat es.png 74537 OFF
Xat_Test us.png Loading OFF
Fondos es.png Loading OFF
Graphics us.png Loading OFF

New Note: Unofficial /- The arcbots team and the team love0059.giflove0075.giflove0070.gif

User Name Chat BotID Unofficial Where are you staff Time received
Fonduri (304771992) iBau jr.png 25141 Active 1 Forever Bot(s)
Nathan (14014) Nathan jr.png 26 Active 1 Forever Bot(s)
A101 (10100101) RAdioAradLive ro.png 23 Active 1 Forever Bot(s)
Rata (700700) Rata co.png 124987 Active 1 Forever Bot(s)
Yoiker (585653087) Yoiker ve.png 69 Active 1 Forever Bot(s)
DasherHere (1459725718) av_area ro.png 80515 Active 1 Forever Bot(s)
S4MUEL (988879152) s4muel es.png 131769 Active 1 Forever Bot(s)
iBLeiz (401777770) bar69 ve.png 129147 Active 1 Forever Bot(s)
Addict2 (206000002) Addict2 es.png 131965 Active 1 Forever Bot(s)
iiiiiiKent (1520042001) Torgovlia ru.png 128911 Active 1 Forever Bot(s)
xTiFFx (1012101) castleRockRadio ru.png 6699 Active 1 Forever Bot(s)

ARCBots Staff - If I have not added you to this list please contact us.
XAT Staff - If I have not added you to this list please contact us.

Note: If you find something wrong changed here please contact with us, thank you. evilgrin0039.gif

New - People who contributed to arcbots will be added here!

User Name Chat ARCbots - Wiki ARCbots BotID Added time Time received What he did for arcbots Date - month - year
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