Website Staff

  • All of the users below have the power to do something on Wiki or Support ticket.
  • The Support staff is considered trusted by ARCbot team.

Support Staff

  • The users who have access to ticket system, can answer Tickets.
  • They are all considered trusted by ARCbots team.

Wiki Editors

  • Users below have a big knowleadge of Wiki Syntax.
  • They can make and edit any article.
  • Some of them are translators.
Nickname Xat Account
Ashley jr.png Actavus (367927622)
DjAnnaconda ro.png a101 (10100101)
xNate us.png xNate (52205034)
Bau pt.png iBau (1138434737)
André br.png xAjudanewid (1477936925)
Scot us.png scot (173691436)
Macy de.png Macy (368365948)
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