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How To Make A Bot :

Step By Step Tutorial

This is the English Guide for ARCbots on How to pay and setup a bot in your chat, and including how to change the room of the bot:

How to setup the Bot


First of all, ARCbot clients must accept the terms of Xat.com.
Having the (bot) power doesn't mean you already have a bot in your chat. Having a (bot) power assigned to your chat allows you to connect an ARCbot in your chat in accordance with the terms of use of xat.com.
Using a (bot) power is the only way to connect a bot to chat!
If your bot is out of control and is abusing, it can have its access blocked!
Each bot can access a chat at a time, so if you have more than one chat, each must have its own chat bot, no xat accepts two bots online at the same time, unless one of the two bots is Gamebot (804)
If you have this power you can use a bot in your chat, if there is an attempt to place more than one bot into a chat, it will be considered abuse and your chat will be removed from the xat lists/charts.
Bots cannot trade powers, transfer xats and days or any other kind of task in xat.

Never share your email, passwords, or details with any bot. Please note that, although these sites are known for providing bots, this does not mean that xat.com legally supports them, or are managed by xat.

2. What do I need to put a bot in my chat ?

  • The power (bot) - This is absolutely required for any type of bot, paid or free, no matter if this is for trial period or full time.
  • A valid email address. (It is recommended that you create a new email, GMAIL)
  • A free registered account on our website, ARCbots.com

3. Edit your (bot) power

  • a.First of all, you must assign the bot power to your chat. You can do this by typing " (bot) " in your main chat, and click on the bot power smiley that just appeared. A window will appear, where you must click on the "assign" button, as seen in the image below:
  • b. After this, still in your chat, go to Edit Your Chat > Extra Features, expect a new tab in your browser open, and then look for the power (bot), and make sure it is marked in the list.
  • After you marked it, click the EDIT button next to it. A new window will open, with a small field where you must put an ID, There you must put out Premium bot's xat account ID, which is 1510151 :
  • Now make sure you put the correct ID and press OK, and save the changes. The bot will Enter the Chat using the Premium account provided by ARCbots.

4. Register on the site ARCbots.com

Enter our website www.ARCbots.com, click Register, and proceed as following:

Perform these steps as shown:

  • Username: set your username's profile/cpanel
  • Password: set a password (avoid using your default xat password)
  • Confirm password: repeat password
  • E-mail: set a valid email address (gmail recommended)
  • Security Question: select your question
  • Security Response: set your secret answer (It will be used to recover your account in the future, if necessary)
  • Accept the terms by checking the "I agree" box

And then click "SIGNUP NOW".

5. Setup your bot

After you succesfully registered on arcbots.com , login to your new account with your username and password that you just created, and you will be redirected directly to the CPanel (Dashboard) of your new bot. A quick setup guide will appear, asking you to configure your bot's details in a few steps, as following:

a. In the first step you must enter your own xat account ID, so the bot will know who is its master:
After you clicked the button, you will receive a green mesage saying "You are now level 5 ..", and asking for next step.b. In the 2nd step we put the name of the chat where bot will be used. As shown below, edit the field "Xat Room" with the name of your chat. Remembering that it is only the name, not the link. If the bot should join in the room Chat, I would put "Chat" only, and NOT xat.com/Chat, as shown in the example below:

c. The 3rd step will remind you that you need to assign the (bot) power to your chat and to edit it with the 1510151 ID of the Premium bot, and after you make sure you did it correctly you can proceed to next step. The guide for this step is here

d. In the 4th step we must add the time to the bot. The ARCbots gives you 120 hours (5 days) so that you can have a trial of your bot, so that you make sure you want to continue using our services or not. Remember that if you want to continue with the bot services, you will have to pay 250 xats per month, after the free 120 hours (5 days) expire.
Then, the field below will be the first field to be configured. When you log into your dashboard for the first time, probably the field "Amount in hours", will be autofilled with the number 120, which shows the amount of hours that your bot has to turn, in which case is 120 hours. Click "Add Time" to activate the 120 hours of the bot.
Kf0hWny.pnge. Here comes the final step, click on the restart button in CPanel home, and restart on your bot, to send it online in your chat, ready for the action:

After the quick guide is finished, you will be redirected to the CPanel Home page, where you can continue the setup of the optional settings.

f. In this step you can make the bot main owner on your chat, so that he can comply the commands as a main owner. In the field " Chat room group password" enter the password of your chat (For those who still have questions regarding this field, the password is your chat. The same password that you use to log in to Edit your chat, and not the password for your personal account or the account of the bot.) Note that "main-owner"-ing the bot is only optional, at user's choice.


  • You must make sure you don't have the /p protection activated on your chat, or it's not on live mode.
  • The first thing that a Premium bot requires is to be confirmed in the chat. he will ask for confirmation, and all you have to do is to type "!confirmbot" in the main chat, as owner/main owner, in the first minute since the bot arrived. Only an owner or main owner which is not using $tealth can make this command for the bot.
  • If you do not know the commands of the bot, go to commands page
  • If you have trouble with your bot, visit the frequently asked questions guide by clicking here.
  • If that's still not solving the problem, then ask for help here
  • You can access the Cpanel (Dashboard) here

More detailed and optional settings of the bot, such as name, color, status, avatar, filters, and other features can be found in the General Bot Settings page.

There you can first change the language of the bot:

Then you can scroll down the page, edit your preferences:

15zgx2x.pngAnd finally at the end of the settings page you have all the color settings, hat, welcome message, status and other settings for your bot, and don't forget to update the changes after you finish:

If you need to enable or disable any of your bot's powers, you can do this using the menu ** "Toggle Bot Powers" **:


If you mark a power you will disable it, if you unmark it you will enable it:


6. Check payments.

Every client receives a free 5 days trial period, after creating the account. During this time, out bot can be used with its full options and features, having everypower, full commands access, fully editable. After the free trial expires, if you want to continue using our bot in the same way, you will have to pay 250 xats per month, according to our payments guide.

Payment Guides

Via Xats or Days

1) Go to our chat box and look for the bot in the room. It has the username ARCbot (1510151) and the name is "ARCbot"
2) Transfer to bot the amount of xats or days you want to pay (250 xats (19 days) = 730 hours/30 days of bot time.) using your arcbots.com username as message in the transfer window
If you forget to put your arcbot account's username in the transfering message, write this command in chat: !addtime <username>

Via Paypal

1) Go to ARCbots' buy page consider and decide how much time you want on paypal l option
2) Click the Buy Now button.
3) All necessary information

Via Coupon Code

1)Go to ARCbots' buy page and look at the coupon option.
2)Now enter the coupon code and click Redeem Code
3)This applies only to people with a Coupon Code.

NOTICE: ARCbots is not responsible for any mistakes you make when buying time. Please make sure you do it right.
We do not allow refunds. (View our T.O.S for exceptions)
Please also ensure your bot works before paying.
We strongly recommend you use your 3 day free-trial.

Read below how to setup your bot.

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