Managing Bot Time

Over the past few years, the pricing of xat bots has become a large issue for millions of xat's users. From earlier in xats history, we went from free bots, to the creation of the bot power, and the existing bot companies you see on xat today.

At ARCbots, we understand how xat's decision to create an income out of bots has effected millions of users across the world. Many people want a bot, but have zero to little xats and minimum access to possibilities of getting xats. What happens to them? It seems as though they're forgotten about.

It is because of this, that we are proud to introduce our brand new system of buying bot time. Users now have the possibility to pay for as little time as they need. Mind you though, managing bot time will help you make that little bit of time last longer.

So what do I mean when I say Managing Bot Time?

If you were to pay 100 xats, you'd get approximately 12 days of bot time.

Many users don't know this one simple trick that a large variety of our users are using to their benefit.

Heres the question to think about. Are you going to be online for 292 hours straight using your chat? Is your chat really going to have people coming in 24 hours a day for 12 days? Chances are, the answer to these questions is no. Typically, some people are on xat maybe 1-3 hours a day, others 4-5, and theres some that could probably sit on for a good 12 hours or so. Regardless of how long you are online, only add the hours you expect to be online to your bot. You can keep your bot time on your account without it decreasing. As soon as you move your time to your bot, the time starts ticking.
If you have 12 days on your account, and you add 2 hours to your bot, you now have 11 days and 22 hours on your account. Your bot will run for 2 hours and then go offline after notifying you your time has run out. You can then re add as much time as you need.
If you don't need your bot, you can save your 11 days and 22 hours for another day. If you keep doing that, you could easier make 12 days last 24 days, or even more. You just have to master this one simple trick and you'll help lower your expenses, while still getting the best out of ARCbots.

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