Preparing for the ARCbots Staff Test?

You've come to the right place, then. Being staff at ARCbots is all about helping the client in the way that makes them the happiest.

Before taking the staff test

You should know

  1. How to quickly and effectively help an ARCbot client with a variety of different issues.
  2. All the different staff commands and what they are used for, and how to use them appropriately.
  3. How to react to different in chat situations

Be prepared for

  • Scenario questions where you are presented a situation and you have to explain how you would respond.

Scenario Questions can be anything like:

  • My bot will not start, what do I do?
  • I get an error "Payment method expired" How do i get more time?"
  • I only have 200 xats, can I still buy time?
  • I forgot to use my username when I sent the bot xats! What now?
  • I paid, but I didn't receive my time. What should I do?

Other scenario questions on the staff test will be given and you should be able to correctly answer the questions appropriately.


What do you do if you don't know the answer to a question?

Type i don't know.

What score is required to pass the test?

You must pass the test with a 100% before you can be promoted to Moderator. You have three attempts to take the test, with a waiting period of 2 days (48 hours) between each re-take. After the third attempt, a fourth attempt may be made after 10 consecutive days of activity / dedication to the rank.

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