Staff Rules

ARCbot Staff Strict Rules and Regulations:

These will be enforced, and is required of all existing and new staff to read, and memorize:

  • ARCbots is now officially business style, which falls under:
  1. Staff higher then you on the mod list, are considered to be your boss.
  2. You must follow things they say not to do.
  3. Disrespecting them puts you at risk of getting fired.
  4. You must respect your customers, and be courteous.
  • You may not playfully do things that impede on another staff members ability to help others. Examples include:
  1. Banning another staff members for the lulz
  2. Kicking them repeatedly
  3. Setting them to autokick members for the lulz
  4. Redcarding them for the lulz
  • Just because a rule isn't written doesn't mean it doesn't exist, This includes unspoken obvious rules. Example: Giving moderator to all members. Use your best judgement when moderating the chatroom.
  • New staff are the only ones subject to second chances of obvious misbehavior actions
  • Don't suggest random people to be mod; This falls under the category of people who haven't helped yet you know personally. They must have helped at ARCbots previously consistently before being considered to become mod.
  • You should help everyone to the best of your ability. If a user needs help in another language and a staff member of that language is not online, you MUST use the translator!
  • You need to be active when online as a staff member (when going away please go to AFK pool — being away in main even when using away power or membering yourself is not allowed). You will be given three warnings before demotion occurs.
  • Under any circumstances, do NOT ask clients for their bot's account or email password OR LEVEL ON THEIR BOT! This is also a ZERO tolerance rule.
  • Using Team Viewer for setup assistance is ONLY allowed if the client requested that. You will not ask the client for team viewer assistance, under any circumstances.
  • Too make ARCbots more strict, for punishable actions, a kick will be a warning to a person (for a certain reason), if the person does it again, then a ban will take place among them. If the person does a inappropriate behavior (cussing, being disgusting, have a bad name that shouldn't have, or scamming on the chat, or being disrespectful to a staff member), an automatic ban will be implemented.
  • Please refrain from being AFK for periods of 10 minutes or more in the main pool. If you are afk, go to the afk pool. If you are on multiple chats at once, and there are a couple other staff members online, you may leave ARCbots chatroom.
  • Staff members should be social with one another and interact in the main chat room. When there are no clients on, the chat should not be dead silent with multiple people in the room, it is a chat room. The more the chat, the happier the feel off the room. if you don't know somebody on the team, introduce yourself! ARCbots is only as fun as you make it!
  • NEW: All staff members have a minimum activity requirement of 20 hours. If you do not meet this requirement for any reason, you will be demoted temporarily until your activity improves. If it does not improve within 10 days you will need to re earn your rank.
  • NEW: MEMBERING: No staff members should member ANYONE. The bot is set to member subscribers only. GCONTROL is set to main owner only. Attempting to member a user will result in them only being temp membered.
  • NEW: NO interrupting. If another staff member is assisting a client, do NOT interrupt them and add your opinions. If you feel something else should be said, private chat the other staff member.
  • NEW: All staff members must use the !arcfeedback command after assisting a client. (Usage: !arcfeedback User's Cpanel name.) Example: !arcfeedback Fox
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