Staff Prizes

Payments are a privilege, not a right. You are not GUARANTEED xats every month.

You are not entitled to a prize if:

  • 1. You have had any infractions between the first and last day of the month.
  • 2. You complain about your prize or ask to no longer be disqualified
  • 3. You have less than 20 hours of activity for the month.
  • 4. ARCbots has an ongoing financial incident temporarily preventing staff from receiving xats. if this occurs, xats may or may not be compensated.

The guidelines for payments can change without warning
Only Moderator ranks (or higher) activity, will count towards the score/activity
This means: new staff are eligible if they have the requirement amount of activity has a moderator for their first month. Their member rank activity will not be counted.

It has come to my attention that a lot of you are abusing the payment system and finding ways to boost your hours and keep your rank and getting paid for doing almost nothing. As a response, it's now up to administrators only (Level 5+) to decide who earns 1,000 xats a month.

You are not guaranteed a prize.

To be considered for a prize you must:
1. Be active in the main chat
2. Assist all users that come into the chat when you are online
3. Be knowledgeable and professional.

ps. to those who enter only when I am online, I know who you are, and you don't have long to fix it.


  • 1. What is an infraction?

An infraction is a result of bad behavior where administrative action has needed to be taken against you. If you have been disciplined by an owner or main owner in any way shape or form, you likely have been disqualified from receiving the staff prize for that month. If you are unsure if you are disqualified, ask an owner or main owner. Follow the staffrules and you will be fine.

  • 2. What if I fall short of 20 hours?

Moderators falling short of 20 hours of activity at this time will be demoted due to inactivity. Should their activity improve in a 10 day period, they will be given a second chance.

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