Staff Payments

All moderators will receive 1,000 xats on the first of each month.

Payments are a privilege, not a right.
You are not entitled to a prize, if decided upon for any reason outside the rules below:

  • 1. Anyone with activity of less the 40 hours, will not receive payment.
  • 2. Anyone who was punished during the month, will also be disqualified.
  • 3. Only Moderator ranks (or higher) activity, will count towards the score/activity
  • 4. The percent required at end of month, can change without warning
  • 5. You may not give other staff your xats prize
  • 6. If you switch to a new account, only your newest account hours count towards below.
  • 7. Complain about your prize or asking to not be disqualified, you don't get your prize.
  • 8. Bonuses are given to those users who show good attitude and work ethic each month. This amount remains private.
  • 9. Anyone of less then 40 hours of activity, will be at our discretion to provide a prize based on outstanding activity
  • 10. 40+ hours (regardless of activity %) = 1k
  • 11. 40+ hours (with 80% or higher activity) = 3k

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