Staff Commands

Command Level Needed

To help a customer's bot have the customer do the following command (Requires Customer has level 5): !allowarcbotstaff
This will give you level 100 on their chat to help them.
If the customer wants to disable your access ASAP they can use the command !disallowhelpstaff

!arcusersearch [xat username] Level 2 Shows arcbot accounts potentially using that xatid
!uchat / !unconfirmchat [Chat] Level 4
!useremail [Username] Level 2
!botidaccountlist [ Username] Level 1
!spendspare log [Xat User] Level 1
!botinfo [BotID] Level 1
!botdebug [BotID] Level 1
!botidroom or !bir [Chat] Level 1
!btl or !bottimeleft [BotID] Level 1
!rtl or !radiotimeleft [Radio Username/ARCbots Username] Level 1
!spendspare check [Xat User] Level 0
!boterror [BotID] Level 0 (Public Command)
!unconfirmbot Main Owner of Chat Room — Unconfirms Bot (Public Command)
!ccf or !checkchatfree[Chat Room / Room ID] Level 1 | (Level 0 on ARCbot chat)
!mstart or !start [BotID] Level 2, Main Owner/Owner of the chatroom. Or minimum mstart level set on bot settings panel (Public Command)
!timecheck [Quantity of xats] (Level 0 on ARCbot chat) Calculating xats in time: You can use this command only in xat ARCbot. Example Image
!arcfeedback [customer's cPanel Username] (Level 2 on ARCbot chat) Add a survey form in the customer's ARCbot account so they can rate the way you helped them. Example Image

For the list of Staff Rules, please visit

All nicknames may change in time, please use only xat ID's and regnames as reference.

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