Staff Basics

Created by Nathan, this guide serves to supply you with as much information you will need to be successful at ARCbots. While it is impossible to cover everything, I have managed to create a guide using the experience and knowledge I have learned over the course of being at ARC.

Before considering to be staff at ARCbots, you should already have an ARCbot account and have a running ARCbot in your chat. You should also know how to use it, and understand how the control panel works, and where everything is in on the control panel. If you are new to ARCbots, it is going to be hard for you to learn everything you need to know in the quick amount of time thats required to be staff. While it can't be expected to know every single ARCbot command, it can be safe to say you should know a fair good amount of them, and be able to execute them properly.

Being support staff at ARCbots exposes to you various amounts of clients from across the world. You will quickly learn that everybody is different, and helping one person will not be the same as helping another. Your goal at ARCbots is to help as many people as you can as quickly and efficiently as possible. Always greet people as they enter the chat room, and always thank them for choosing ARCbots when you are finished assisting them.

You should also get to know the moderators and owners of the chatroom, as they will be the users you are going to be chatting with and being around while you are at ARCbots. We have worked very hard on keeping a professional team, and have been free of any drama, or staff related problems for quite a while now. We intend to keep it this way. We encourage everybody to get to know each other, so introduce yourself to everyone; be friendly! We all help each other, and we are all one big extended family.

Before joining our Support Staff, you will need to pass a series of questions on a google forms questionnaire. This is to help us help you learn, and to give us an idea of how well you have progressed. After an undisclosed amount of time of being a moderator, all staff are eligible to be given a "Knowledge Verification" exam to verify they are an effective member of the team. With this being said, it is my job to make sure you pass these tests.

Below are some tips you should know prior to attempting to join our staff:
  1. Follow and respect the chat rules at all times
  2. Follow and respect the staff rules at all times
  3. Never ask for a promotion, temp mod, or any type of increase in rank.
  4. Never request any personal information from a client or their password.
  5. Do not attempt to cheat, scam, or defraud clients in any way.
  6. Do not accept payments for assisting
  7. Use the translator provided by if a client speaks a language you do not. Never inconvenience them by making them use the translator.
  8. When using translator, speak in full sentences will correct grammar and punctuation, so everything is translated correctly. Also speak in shorter sentences so everything can translate.
  9. You should know every step to setting up a bot through ARCbots without the need of referencing the tutorial.
  10. You must have a basic understanding of commands
  11. Owners are sometimes invisible, watching, and bot logs are sometimes referenced. Staff Activity is monitored through the bot and those falling below acceptable rates are subject to demotion.
  12. Nobody is better than somebody else, be patient when helping people.

I've became a Moderator, now what?

Congratulations! It seems like we're all doing our jobs correctly, as you've gotten this far! Below are a few answers to some common questions that a new staff members have, I have also added some general information into the list as well to keep everything simple.

  1. The first thing you should do when you become a moderator if you haven't already, is the command !myaccount. Following "!myaccount" type your username. The bot will say your satid is now associated with your account. It is required that all staff do !myaccount , and lock their ID in cpanel. You can do this by finding the "Lock" button on your dashboard. After seven (7) days of becoming a moderator or higher on the ARCbots chat room, your bots on your account will be free. When they run out of bot time, simply restart them, and the time will be automatically applied to it, and it will be started.
  2. Being staff at ARCbots gives you the opportunity to earn 1,000 xats each month if you meet certain activity requirements. You can see the regulations for staff prizes here.
  3. There is a minimum requirement for staff of 10 hours each month. Please be aware this is the absolute minimum, and falling shy of 10 hours for just one month will result in a demotion.
  4. There are staff rules. View them here.

You were given moderator because you were observed to be a user who ARCbots would benefit from having on our team. Some things that are considered during the level 1 screening process are as followed:

  1. Your personality (Are you nice, polite, etc)
  2. Your activity
  3. How you communicate with other users in the chat room

As a Moderator, we expect you to behave in a professional manner with clients, and in the main chat at all times. There are times where we have fun, and there are times things get carried away, however, do not be the start of any problems, or cause a disruption in the ARCbot chatroom that prevents a client from being satisfied, and only engage in any "non professional" but non inappropriate activities in the presence of no active clients. This behavior is one of the reasons our clients love our support staff, and the quality of support.

Remember, always think about "what would i do?" Meaning, if you are second guessing if you should say something in the chatroom, ask yourself, "Would I, as a new client looking for a bot, like what i saw if i entered the chat right now?" If the answer is no, !cls , and move on to another topic.

Below are a few tips that will help you succeed in ARCbots:

  1. Be exceptionally active. Both by hours, and messages posted. The more active you are, the more likely you are to receive prizes.
  2. Read the FAQ to get an understanding of common questions asked and their answers.
  3. Know that every client is different. Some people do not learn as well as others, and it is not your place to judge anybody. Sometimes, it can be irritating, but you must remain patient and calm with assisting users. Always thank them for choosing ARCbots when you are finished helping them. Not a lot of people do, and believe me, I am watching, and I think those who don't (i know who) are disrespectful for not following my directions :) Doing things that please the clients, and working for the clients, is what we look for in owners. If it is your wish to excel in ARCbots, then following all regulations is a must. It may seem like a lot at first, but you will get the hang of it soon enough.
  4. Greeting users as they enter the chat isn't required, but is deemed as a polite gesture.
  5. Be friends with all your fellow ARC staff. Talk to them, and communicate when no other staff is online. This will help build your relationships with them, and help both of your activity go up as well.
  6. No drama, no hassles, no disrespect. ARCbots has a 0 tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, or targeting of another user. Don't do it.

ARCbot Staff Error Reference

While we cannot cover every single error that may arise on ARCbots, we can hit some of them. Below are some errors that you may come across and how to fix them.

!boterror displays an error reading "No chat to connect to"

The client has not entered a chat room in their control panel. Look for:

!boterror displays an error reading "Connection Error, Please Try again"

Restart the bot again after waiting 1 minute. If the problem persists, there is a xat issue preventing the bot from restarting. Advise the client to try again later.

A client enters the ARCbot chatroom and sends xats to the bot to pay for time, however, they forgot to include their ARCbot username, or they entered something other than their username in the box.

Use the command !spendspare check regname to confirm the bot has received their payment, and it is on their account. Advise them to do !addtime their cpanel username to get their time added to their account.

A client enters the ARCbot chat room and sends xats to the bot to pay for time, however, they entered the wrong username, or misspelled their username, and the bot added time to the incorrect username.

An owner must be contacted if this happens, as an Administrator will need to transfer the bot time to the correct account.

!botinfo is displaying a chat name as is the xats groups page. If a bot is showing this as their assigned that name, then the client has not entered a chat for the bot to join. Starting the bot at this point will produce an error of "No chat to connect to."

(Bot Power: ) is displayed on !botinfo or is NOT displayed as (Bot Power: 1510151)

The user needs to update their (Bot) power settings in their chat to 1510151.

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