Hello to everyone, this page is showing results to new users coming into our team.

First of all I want to thank you all, you are always with us

  • Green color is a good test. acceptable. 0 - Wrong
  • Pink color, test is well done, but needs to be improved. 1/3 - Wrong
  • Red color is a failed test, is not acceptable. 4/20 - Wrong
  • Blue color, space for new tests, means you can do a new test.
  • About Acceptable responses: Are not successful answers, but are acceptable (alias) Are not good answers, but are acceptable. applause.gif - Because it is understood that you know.
  • New: Where you find it Number / number - Number / number - Number / number = Means that he had several tests of the same type, Well done or not depending on color.
  • New: Each of the results is deleted after a period of 30 / 90 days. Check this page every day to see all the results, and not to lose anything.

Example: Results Great - Correct: 18 / 18 - Wrong: 0 / 0 - Acceptable responses: 2 / 2

  • Means that he did two tests, and both good with good results. - But there may be other results, down there are more, looking for color….

The time left for more information here.

  • Attention can not always be changes when this time is over - Changes here will be only when there are tests for approval.

Note: If you still want to do a test, get in here and you can start, please, you can not do more than 1 test a day, we will post the results here when checked - Thank You.

New Test:

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