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Guest/Members Rules:

All rules apply whether on or off promotion, STAFF may make addtional rules at their discretion, for obvious misbehavior.

  • English only chat.(If a staff member can speak your language, you can assuming its help related.)
  • No swearing. ['Ass', 'damn', and 'shit' are allowed as well as acronyms such as 'LMFAO' and 'WTF'.]
  • No discrimination. [This includes racism and favortism.]
  • No inappropriate material.
  • No insulting anything or anyone.
  • No spamming and/or flooding. [Flood is 6 or more and smiley spam is 4 or more.]
  • CAPS are allowed to a certain extent, don't overuse it.
  • Do not ask for rank/xat(s)/days/powers in pc, or in main chat.
  • Do not impersonate any staff.
  • Do not disrupt/troll chat.
  • Do not talk about any form of hacking. [This includes if you are using the word as "to cut"].
  • Do not scam or attempt too.
  • You're not allowed to steal/sell/claim anybody elses work.
  • Rules are subject to change if necessary.
  • Follow Xat Terms of Service.

Staff may make additional discipline descisions at their discretion for obvious misbehavior.

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