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These page serve as for a basic tutorial how you can understand how it will work the new ARCbots radio station service as well the configuration settings method.

You should get into your cpanel and login into our system and find the menu called Create Radio Station click on it.

After that you will come across this image in your dashboard:


[FREE] AutoDJ, 64 kbps, 10 listeners, 256MB disk, 50 GB Bandwidth FREE
[1x Bot Hours Per Month] AutoDJ, 64 kbps, 50 listeners, 5 GB disk, 500 GB Bandwidth 250 xats / Month
[2x Bot Hours Per Month] AutoDJ, 64 kbps, 75 listeners, 10 GB disk, 750 GB Bandwidth 500 xats / Month
[3x Bot Hours Per Month] AutoDJ, 64 kbps, 100 listeners, 10 GB Disk, 1TB Bandwidth 750 xats / Month
[4x Bot Hours Per Month] AutoDJ, 128 kbps, 100 listeners, 10 GB Disk, 1 TB Bandwidth 1000 xats / Month
[5x Bot Hours Per Month] AutoDJ, 128 kbps, 125 listeners, 10 GB Disk, 1.5 TB Bandwidth 1250 xats / Month
[6x Bot Hours Per Month] AutoDJ, 128 kbps, 150 listeners, 15 GB Disk, 2 TB Bandwidth 1500 xats / Month

Select what plan do you wanna to use and click on the button Create New Radio Account!
Then you will see your details to access your own radiostation username,password and link to access into the radio CentovaCast cpanel.

Note: That for every hour of time added on radio you're missing 4 hours of your time bot then add 1000 xats and use it for 1 month
Note: If your radio is inactive for more than 10 days it is automatically deleted from our ARCbots Radio systems (Settings and added songs in the playlist AutoDJ)


Then you need to select how many radio hours you think is necessary to use your radiostation and click "Add Radio Time"

Entering your radio cpanel CentovaCast
You will get through this link that is already in your cpanel ARCbots Cpanel Radio and will see this


Enter your login and password that was given when you created your radio (not used your access data for your bot.)
Then you will enter the panel as is the image so you can set up your radio and let it online to your listeners hear.


And from here you will see step by step how to configure it,

The 1st step is to click on Configuration and to edit at Stream like you see on the image to edit


After clicking on the button Update ,click on the next button named AutoDJ and you will see like on the image


Here whe have to change by a click at AutoDj status: Disabled & Song title codes: Disabled to Enabled ,and click on Update to save the settings.

And click on the button Mount Points where you can change Bit Rates for your AutoDj or leave how is on default like you will see on the image.


The 2st step you willl see on the menu new button named AutoDJ where you click on it


After you are on AutoDJ you will see like on image down and click on the button Launch file manager


Now here on Launch file manager you can start to upload songs in MP3 files format for the new playlist on AutoDj like you see on image.

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