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Payment Guides

Via Xats

1) Go to our chat group page ARCbot and look for the bot in the room with username ARCbot (1510151) and nickname "ARCbot":
2) Check if the bot is online and active, by performing the command: "!bot" in main chat. If the bot is ready for the payment it will reply. Otherwise DO NOT transfer!
3) Transfer to bot the amount of xats you want to pay (250 xats = 730 hours/30 days of bot time.) using your username as message in the transfer window
4) If you forget to add your correct cpanel username, after the transfer you must perform this command in the main chat: !addtime <username> , adding correctly your username.
5) You can pay with xats or days, at your choice. 1 day is automatically calculated by bot @ 13 xats. **
6) You can transfer any amount you want, the time received will be calculated at the rate of 250 xats per 730 hours.
7) It's always for the best to make a screenshot of the transfer, which includes all the chat box with the transfer window, and the date/time in the right corner of your desktop. Keep this screenshot as a proof of your payment for at least 30 days.**

Via Paypal

1) Go to ARCbots' buy page and follow the steps according to the amount of time you want to buy
2) Click the Buy Now button.
3) Complete all necessary information

Via Coupon Code

1)Go to ARCbots' buy page and look at the coupon option.
2)Now enter the coupon code and click Redeem Code
3)This applies only to people with a Coupon Code.

NOTICE: ARCbots is not responsible for any mistakes you make when buying time. Please make sure you do it right.
We do not allow refunds. (View our T.O.S for exceptions)
Please also ensure your bot works before paying.
We strongly recommend you use your 5 day free-trial.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License