Owner Guidelines

Congratulations on earning Owner at ARCbots! Being an owner brings a bit more responsibility over being a moderator.
Lvl 3s only:

Being an owner at ARCbots is pretty much the same stuff you've been doing, only a little more supervisory work. You have been chosen to become an owner because you have shown you understand the rules and have also shown exceptional dedication towards ARCbots. As an owner, it is expected that your work performance will not decline, but hopefully improve. We are all always learning new things, and it never hurts to take the extra step!

While currently, there is no activity requirement on moderators, there is an activity requirement on Owners. That requirement is 40 hours with a 25% activity rate percentage. We are pushing to have an online owner on as much as possible throughout the day. If something is preventing you from fulfilling this requirement, you will return as a moderator, at level 2.2.

Level 2.2 is meaningless, and has the same commands available as level 2s. However 2.2 is used to mark previous / potential ARCbot Owners. 2.2 Is not permanent, you will remain 2.2 until a decision is made whether to promote you to level 3, or demote to level 2.

Being an owner means you should be sending the correct information to people at all times, and being interested in helping the client you are helping. Each client is different, they may be having a bad day themselves, you should try to make them happy! I have generated a coupon code for each owner to give to ONE client. Choose your client wisely, as once you use your coupon, you will not receive another coupon for 30 days after the date you tell an Administrator you have used a coupon. Each coupon is worth 30 days of bot time, and should only be used by means of customer satisfaction. If you feel we are in the wrong, then giving a coupon is acceptable. Coupon use is monitored, and abuse of this system will result in demotion and an extended ban period.

As owner, we ask that you are not afk all the time. Your activity is not only monitored by the bot, but also by (Events). If a moderator isn't doing something right, kick/yellowcard/zap/etc with a descriptive report for us to see. (away) activated is grounds for a kick. as owner, you should not be afk at all while on the chat. Go to the staff pool, please. You should set a good example for moderators.

An owner who accumulates too many kicks/bans from the bot for afk will be considered for demotion.

At this time, owners who meet the requirements and are active in both bot and events, will receive 1500 xats each month. Remember, ARC is a fun place for everyone, try to keep it that way!

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