Owner Guidelines

Congratulations on earning Owner at ARCbots! Being an owner brings a bit more responsibility over being a moderator.

Being an owner means:
1. You have to train new stafff members. (And correct them whenever they are incorrect in main chat while helping someone)
2. Ensure that all moderators are following the Staff Manager's rules.
3. Kick moderators for not following any specific rules, with a screenshot, and the rule they broke as the reason, followed by a yellowcard.
4. If you disagree with a rule the staff manager makes, you can contact an Administrator. In order to have a rule created by the Staff Manager changed, all three Administrators must approve.

OWNERS SHOULD NOT SKYPE ADMINISTRATORS AT ANY TIME, UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY. If the manager is not online, then you should skype them, who can take care of the issue for you. The Skype group for level 3s+ has been changed to level 5+ only.

You should contact Nathan with any inquires related to ARCbot. The manager rank has been re created and remade due to Administrations sudden business.

The chain of command at arcbot and the Administration team is: Actavus > Nathan > Annaconda > Macy

===== The following are administrative implemented rules. The Staff Manager cannot change the following rules and regulations ====
As owner you are expected to be exceptionally active. There are no owner requirements set on Activit. !Ranklist Activity can be used to check. Ive changed it to a level 3 command. It must be done in pc/pm. The staff manager has obligation to take owners

Owners are to be professional at all times while on the chat. You must be in the chat if there are no other owners online in the ARCbot chatroom. An Administrator does not count.

If a moderator leaves the chatroom (and is still active on xat after 5 minutes) when there are less than 4 moderators online, yellow card them , with the reason "read mod guidelines" and let an administrator know. Enforcing this rule boosts your points for owner prize.

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