Manager Guidelines

Congratulations on achieving the most difficult, most unlikely, and highest rank earn-able at ARCbots. While owner has a bit of a few over exaggerated rules and regulations that aren't followed, being the Manager of ARCbot includes you in Administrative Staff. This means, you help make ARC run.

I decided to go back to the old system we had administrative wise 1 year ago.

As Manager, you are responsible for the chat. You were given this rank not only for your reliability but because of intense activity. Therefore it should not be to hard to be the most active, out of all the mods and level threes.

As Manger, you may have noticed in your cpanel a tab on the nav bar to the left, saying basic manager tools. Click that. There are a few tools available for a manager to do.

As manager you are responsible for staff. You are the Staff Manager. You can fire moderators for any reason. AS MANAGER, you have the authority to make your own rules for Staff. Our system demands that ALL THREE Administrators vote to overturn a specific rule implemented by you. You have the authority to completely change the previous staff managers rules, (Nathans), and make your own. You are responsible for maintaining staff, and making sure they are active. You are also responsible for hiring new staff. One administrator must approve of each hire. It does not matter which one.
The three Administrators are: Actavus, Annaconda, and Nathan.

Being Manager means you are also responsible for Owners. You need to ensure that owners are following the owner guidelines and doing their jobs effectively. While you cannot physically demote an owner, you can bring it to Administrators attention that you believe an owner should be demoted.

You should also observe and pick two users each month for the Staff Members of the month.

You have access to all bots. Contact Actavus to set it up.

You have been added to the ARCbot Manager group on Skype. Use it to contact an Administrator should one not be online and you need them. This is where we will also discuss most things related to ARCbot and its changes.

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