Free Bot Time

Free Server:

  • Can not change: Status, Homepage, Tickle Message
  • * Powers disabled on bot (Except: Mint, Animate, Nameglow, Namecolor, Namewave, Namegrad, Nameflag, Status, Statusglow, Statuscolor, Hat, Light, Blue, Green, Red)
  • * Disabled Features: Twitter Spy (Kept as: ARCbots), New Radio Song Announcements, Automatic Power Release Count Down, Auto Chat (PC Auto Chat, Addq/Add Question), Snitch
  • Disabled Commands:

!editbot [pcback/avatar/name/copyname/copyavatar/copyhome/copyuser/tempcopyuser]

Free Bot Time:

  • Official/Tribute Chats (1 year)
  • Promoted Chats (24 hours Free Regardless if it was a 30minute promotion ;) )
  • Official Chat Staff (Only MOD+ and an ARCbot must be in the chat.) (1 month)
  • ARCbot Staff (infinite time)
  • Volunteers (1 year)
  • New Chats (if chat didn't have an ARCbot in four months OR staff stays the same for 4 months) (1 month) New.

Official Chats:

1. Setup your bot
2. Restart the bot via cpanel to gain the free bot time
3. If you run out of time, just restart the bot again via cpanel

Official Chat Staff, Volunteers and ARCbot Staff:

Be active in a chat that has an ARCbot.
After 7 days of being active as a moderator or higher (no rank changes), the bot will receive free time should it expire.


1. Set up your bot
2. do !myaccount CpanelUsername on an ARCbot
3. Restart the bot via Cpanel to gain the free bot time
4. If you run out of time, just restart the bot again via cpanel

Note: It is recomened that you lock your assigned xatID (with myaccount) in cpanel. To prevent it from beeing changed by others.
Note: To gain Free Bot Time as staff from Official Chats, the Chat MUST have an ARCbot and you need to have been the rank you are for atleast 24 hours (any rank changes resets the 24 hour timer)

New Chats:

At first you need to check if you're Chat is able to gain free bot Time.
1. Go to
2. Use there the Command !ccf ChatNameHere
3. The Bot will tell you if you are able to gain free bot Time for your Chat.
If your Chat is able to gain free bot time follow these steps:
1. Make sure your Bot has no bot time on it and do NOT add some!
2. Setup your Bot.
3. Than just Start it, if it comes online it ads automatically the Time on the Bot.
Note: If the Free Bot Time started you can NOT Stop or Pause it!

In some occasions, the system will not issue free time unless your account has ZERO time. Meaning 0 hours on the account AND 0 hours on all bot IDS.

Non-Official chats

If you are an official staff in an official chat that has an Arcbot and your active on a non official chat on Arcbot
and if your active on it for at least a 5 day period also staff on the official chat at least 7 days or more you will
qualify for bot time.

If you have an Arcbot in your chat with an Arcbot staff who is normally there you will receive 5 days of bot time so if its a non official chat that will be 1 week of bot time also if your 1 week expired but the bot has recorded that you was active for the last 3 days on the chat you will get another week if the arcbot staff is active

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