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Add a youtube account with the bot and will be receive the posts with not ask it good like received post facebook …

Suggestion for youtube by SYRIANSYRIAN, 09 Jul 2017 14:40
BauBau 30 May 2017 16:01
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xD by BauBau, 30 May 2017 16:01

Bot show only history how many times you entered when at what time, month, year.

Bot - Search infromation -…… …..
User: Fonduri Join yesterday in xat Trade - 00:00 - 25/05/2017
User: Fonduri Join today in xat ARCBot - 00-00 - 26/5/2017

Note: 00:00 = Hours just a exemple - can be 20:57 - 21:09 - Etc…..
MAxim History Join to be 9999 or more because is a good command.

enable /disable
!HistoryJoin on / Off
!JoinHistory on / Off

on - Everyone can see yours historyJoin
Off - Nobody can see

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Suggestions commands. by BauBau, 26 May 2017 21:11
Re: Forum Rules
BauBau 20 May 2017 02:18
in discussion Everything ARCbots / Support » Forum Rules
  • When asking for help in this forum:

4.1 Do not use Bad words when you comment.
5. It is not allowed to write just, so, okay, nice, no, yes, and other short words. ( It will be deleted if you use just plain words. And we will not be able to help you. Write the question, be well explained so we can help you. )
6. You have to write a bit longer in the message and more explicitly.
7. To make it clear that it is a complete and beautiful comment written, that is written well.
8. If you feel sad or innervated, you should not write here anything to be hated or to be a complaint
9. Never write here your password, email or some of your information.
10. Never write issues related to, just about ARCBots.

Note: If you have arrived here and you have a problem with, get in touch here and you can report the problem found on Forum,xat,com

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Re: Forum Rules by BauBau, 20 May 2017 02:18

Când solicitați asistență pe acest forum:

1. Vă rugăm comportați-vă adecvat.
2. Descrieți cât mai bine posibil dificultatea întâmpinată, pentru a fi capabili să vă ajutăm în cel mai bun mod.
3. Vă rugăm nu creați mai multe subiecte pentru aceeași problemă !

Ne pare rău să auzim că întâmpini dificultăți cu ARCbot-ul tău. Există totuși câteva căi pentru a contacta un membru al echipei ARCbot, dacă aveți nevoie de ajutor.

Pentru ajutor prin intermediul forumului, creați un subiect nou chiar sub secțiunea de asistență de pe acest forum (aici)

De asemenea, puteți contacta un membru al echipei ARCbots direct pe această wikipedia, vino în Camera de Chat, sau creează un Ticket de Suport.

Dacă veniți în camera de chat, dar nu este nici un membru al echipei Arcbots online, postează întrebarea în forum sau poate că un alt utilizator v-ar putea ajuta. Crearea de tickete este, de asemenea, un mod foarte rapid de comunicare cu un membru al echipei, când nici unul nu este online. (Ar putea dura până la câteva ore pentru un răspuns prin intermediul ticketelor de suport).

Ajuda em Portugues by BoohBooh, 22 Nov 2016 18:26

Lamentamos escuchar que estás pasando por dificultades con tu ARCbot. Hay muchas formas de contactar a un miembro de soporte para pedirle ayuda.

Asistencia por medio del foro, crea un nuevo tema debajo de la sección de soporte en este foro.

También puedes mensajear a un miembro del staff en la wiki, entra a la Sala de Chat, o crea un ticket de soporte.

Si tu entras al chat y no hay algún miembro del staff conectado, entonces publica una pregunta en el foro y tal vez algun otro usuario estará disponible para asistirte. Crear un ticket de soporte es también la manera más rapida de conectarte con el staff cuando no hay nadie en línea (puede tomar unas pocas horas en recibir una respuesta vía ticket)

Cuando pidan ayuda en este foro:

1.- Por favor, sean apropiados
2.- Sean lo más descriptivos posibles con sus problemas
3.- No creen múltiples temas de un mismo problema.

1. How can I change my bot's name ?

You can easily change your bot's name directly by command !editbot name NameHere, example !editbot name Merlin.
or you can change it from cpanel> > bot settings > appearance tab >Bot Name field then scroll down and click Update button.

2.How can I change my bot's avatar ?

You can change your bot's avatar by command !editbot avatar link example !editbot avatar
or you can change it from cpanel> > appearance tab > Avatar field. Put your link in avatar field then scroll down and click Update button.

3.How can I change my bot's pcback ?

You can change your bot's pcback by using command !editbot pcback image-link example !editbot pcback
or you can change it from cpanel> > appearance tab > pcback field. Put your link in pcback field then scroll down and click Update button.

4.How can I change my bot's status ?

You can change your bot's status by using command !status text-here example !status This is a status.
You can also add a color to your status when you write it. You have to add the color after the text just like this !status This is a status#color1#color2 example !status This is a status.#b45f04#ffffff. If your status text doesn't have a color and you want to add one use !statusglow (#color1#color2) example !statusglow (#b45f04#ffffff).
See ? The status is now golden. You are free to change the colors with any colors you want.
You can also change it from cpanel> > appearance tab > Status field. You can change the status and the color from there. In the right you have two color selectors for both colors (statusglow and statuscolor).

5.How can I change my bot's hat.

You can change your bot's hat by using command !editbot hat (code) example !editbot hat (hat#t)
If you want to color up your hat you need to add the color code after hat code. Example: !editbot hat (hat#t#f2ffb0)
So the hat color will be yellow. You can add whatever colors you want.

6. How can I change my bot's homepage ?

You can change your bot's homepage by using command !editbot home link Example> !edibot home

7. How can i change by bot's name color ?

You can change it by using command !editbot nameglow (glow#color1#color2) Example> !editbot nameglow (glow#b45f04#ffffff)
You can add whatever color you want.
How to customize your bot by Deb2332Deb2332, 06 Nov 2016 16:14

If you have forgotten your ARCbot's account or if you were hacked, you can follow this guideline right below:

1. Go to and you should see this on the top right hand corner.


2. Make sure you click, "Forgot your Password?".

3. After you have done that, it will lead you to a different page and show you a box like this below:


4. You can either enter your Cpanel Username or your Email Address.

5. After filling out your information, an email will be sent to you and make sure you check your email!

6. When you check your email, this email will be similarly alike to yours in inbox:


7. After when you open up your email, make sure you click on the link where it says under: "Click this link to reset your password:"

8. And your new password will be shown in the green box.

Need help?
xNatexNate 05 Nov 2016 07:06
in discussion Everything ARCbots / Support » Need help?

Sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your ARCbot. There are several ways you can contact a support member for help.

For assistance via the forum, create a new thread under the support section of this forum. (here)

You also can message a staff member on the wiki, come to the Chat room, or create a support ticket.

If you come to the chat room and no staff members are online, post a question in the forum and maybe another user will be able to assist you. Creating a support ticket is also the fastest way of connecting with a staff member when none are online. (It may take a few hours for a response via support ticket)

Need help? by xNatexNate, 05 Nov 2016 07:06

First of all, you have to know you can pay in different ways. You can pay with xats, directly on our support xat , with paypal, or even with Cupon Codes.

Pay with Xats

1) Go to our chat group page ARCbot and look for the bot in the room with username Premium (1510151) and nickname "ARCbot":
2) Check if the bot is online and active, by performing the command: "!bot" in main chat. If the bot is ready for the payment it will reply. Otherwise DO NOT transfer!
3) Transfer to bot the amount of xats you want to pay (250 xats or 20 days = 730 hours/30 days of bot time.) using your username as message in the transfer window
4) If you forget to add your correct cpanel username, after the transfer you must perform this command in the main chat: !addtime <username> , adding correctly your username.
5) You can pay with xats or days, at your choice. 1 day is automatically calculated by bot @ 13 xats. **
6) You can transfer any amount you want, the time received will be calculated at the rate of 250 xats or 20 days per 730 hours.
7) It's always for the best to make a screenshot of the transfer, which includes all the chat box with the transfer window, and the date/time in the right corner of your desktop. Keep this screenshot as a proof of your payment for at least 30 days.**

Via Paypal

1) Go to ARCbots' buy page and follow the steps according to the amount of time you want to buy
2) Click the Buy Now button.
3) Complete all necessary information

Via Coupon Code

1)Go to ARCbots' buy page and look at the coupon option.
2)Now enter the coupon code and click Redeem Code
3)This applies only to people with a Coupon Code.

NOTICE: ARCbots is not responsible for any mistakes you make when buying time. Please make sure you do it right.
We do not allow refunds. (View our T.O.S for exceptions)
Please also ensure your bot works before paying.
We strongly recommend you use your 5 day free-trial.

Here are a few simple things you will need to put a bot in your xat chat.

  1. The power (bot) — A Requirement for any Xat Bot.
  2. A valid email address — GMAIL is recommended
  3. A Registered account with — It's Free!
What You Will Need by PaxumPaxum, 30 Jan 2016 03:23
PaxumPaxum 30 Jan 2016 03:14
in discussion Everything ARCbots / Tutorials » Information

First, and most importantly, you must recognize and accept Xats ToS(Terms of Service) along side with ArcBots ToS.

To use an ArcBot, you will need to purchase the power (bot) which is purchasable through xats Power Shop or through Trade which will allow you to connect the bot in accordance with Xats ToS. (bot) power is needed to connect any bot to your xat chat. You may only assign one bot per xat chat (With an exception of a gamebot). In other words, you may use both an Arcbot and a GameBot in the same chat.
IF your bot is out of control or being abusive, it will be blocked.
Attempts to add more than one bot to your chat will be considered as abuse, which will cause your chat to be removed from xats lists and charts.
Bots cannot trade powers, transfer xats, transfer days, or any other task similar to the previous tasks.


Never share your email, passwords, or details with any bot. Please note that, although these sites are known for providing bots, this does not mean that legally supports nor manages them.

Information by PaxumPaxum, 30 Jan 2016 03:14
Forum Rules
xNatexNate 28 Jan 2016 04:09
in discussion Everything ARCbots / Support » Forum Rules

When asking for help in this forum:

1. Please be appropriate
2. Be as descriptive as possible with your problem
3. Do not create multiple thread for the same issue

Forum Rules by xNatexNate, 28 Jan 2016 04:09

1. After creating an account at and confirming your email address, login to the Cpanel and you will be immediately re directed to the main Dashboard that you will be accessing to start, stop, and edit your bot.

To start off, we are going to focus on this box
  • Enter your Chat room name and chat password and click change room. This will update your chat rooms (bot) power for you.
  • Once the green confirmation appears, go to step 2.

2. Next look for the following on the main dashboard page:

  • Enter your xat ID and click change owner. When the green confirmation appears, go to step 3.

3. Next, you need to assign the BOT power to your chat. Go to your chat, type (bot) hit enter, and then click on the power and hit assign.

dy4nqv.jpg Afterwards, still in your chat, go to Edit Your Chat > Extra Features, and scroll down to the bot power and make sure its selected. Click edit and a new window will open with a textfield. Enter 1510151 in the textfield and click OK.

4. Your arcbot comes with a 5 day free trial. To activate your time, you have to move it from your account to the bot.

Look for this box on your dashboard:
If a number other than 0 is displaying, you can click add time to add all your time at once, or change the number to add a specific number of hours.
Clicking add time will automatically start your bot.

5 Thats it! You're ready to start your bot! Click the green restart button on the main page of your bot to start enjoying your ARCbot!

If your bot is already online from step 4, don't worry about restarting it again.

Setting up your ARCbot Cpanel by xNatexNate, 28 Jan 2016 03:52
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