1) !minrank [0~100] - Disables the command for the specific bot level rank
2) !minrankcmd [0~100] [command1 command2 command3 etc]
3) !block [command name] - Blocks the command from being used
4) !rankaccess [on/off] - Makes bot mod ranks, automaticly changed according to xat rank
5) !speaklanguage [language]- Makes the bot speak in that language using a translator
6) !?command here OR !@command here
Adding ? or @ will give you information from this page on how to use the command

Click commands for the full command list.

Command Aliases Parameters Information Example
!xatfact The bot tells you a random xat fact. Picture Example
!choose !which,pick [1st choice] or [2nd choice] The bot randomly chooses between two choices separated by the word or. !choose should I eat pie or eat a cupcake | Picture Example
!promoted !promotedgroups [optional language or language code] The bot shows which groups are promoted on xat and the remaining time !promoted es
!guestsay !gsay [phrase for the bot to say] The bot says the phrase and includes the name of the user who used the command ahead of the phrase. !gsay Hello
!joke The bot tells a joke. !joke
!error [xat error number] The bot tells what the xat error description is. !error 23
!pi [0~200] The bot lists off the given number of digits of pi. !pi 150
!enlarge !big [chat name or id] The bot gives you an enlarged version of the xat chat room. !enlarge ARCbot
!hex [text] The bot gives you the hex of the text. !hex random
!price !pricecheck,powercheck,check [power name] The bot gives you the fairtrade price of that power. !price gold | Picture Example
!banme [regular/snake/space/match/maze/code/reverse] [hours] The bot bans you with the desired ban and length. !banme snake 5
!snakeme Click Footnote 1 [hours] This command is the same as banme but with the options of pre-enabled aliases. !matchme 19
!findmyfacebook !fmfk,fbme The bot finds your facebook. !fbme
!umad !hug,kiss,dump [name of user] The bot says different phrases depending on the alias used. (example: kiss makes the bot act nicely towards the person) !umad bob
!8ball [question] The bot uses the magic 8ball to answers your every question. !8ball Does 1 + 1 = 2?
!myavatar !myav,mavatar The bot tells you your avatar link. !myavatar
!commands !command,info The bot gives you the link to the commands page on !commands
!buy !purchase,buybot,getbot The bot gives you information on buying a bot. !buy
!kickme The bot kicks you. !kickme
!daystoxats !dx [days] The bot converts days to xats mathematically. !daystoxats 45
!xatstodays !xd [xats] The bot converts xats to days mathematically. !xatstodays 40
!encode !decode [(text)] [(optional password)] The bot encodes and decodes text. !encode (random text) (password)
!md5 !sha1 [text] The bot converts text into the algorithm for encoding 1 way hashes. !sha1 random text
!dice The bot gives a random number between 1~6. !dice
!reverse !reversetext,textreverse,esrever [text] The bot displays the text in reverse. !reverse ffuts modnar
!casino !gamble slots/wheel/roulette [bet]/maxbet [newmaximumbet]/!casino currentbet Play the the game casino. !casino wheel
!madgab start/[answer]/end Play the game madgab. !madgab mozart
!hangman !h [how/difficulty/start/guess/letter to guess] Play hangman. !h g
!botid The bot displays its botid. !botid
!useronline !online [user] The bot checks whether the user is online on Xa.t !useronline ARCbot
!nolink !linkbypass [link] The bot makes a link able to be copied and pasted !nolink
!imagesearcher !imgsearcher [prntscr/ url] The bot gives a link to a list of generated images made after the provided image !imagesearcher
!powers !value,!richest,!everymissing,!allmissing [value/richest/missing/everymissing/allmissing] [optional: user] The bot shows the value of the user, missing powers of the user, or richest user in the chat room !powers value ARCbot
!currentsong !rate,ratesongdown,ratesongup Click Footnote 2 The bot tells you the current song that is on the radio in the chatroom (currentsong), you can rate it (rd/ru/rate/ratesongdown/ratesongup), or view current rating with a search (currentsong search) !rate up
!ecmd [command] [message] Use your custom made commands page from your ecmd provided page. (Documentation: !ecmd commandname message
!radio The bot shows the chatroom's radio station. !radio
!whatis [power name] The bot tells you what power that specific smiley is from. !whatis bar
!listsmiles [power name] The bot lists the smiles for that power. !listsmiles claus
!powerdescription !powerdesc,powerinfo,pinfo,pdesc [power name] The bot tells you the description of the power. !pinfo gold
!jumble !gibberish [words to jumble] The bot jumbles the words into a random order. !jumble random words
!userinfo [xat user] The bot shows the userinfo link of the xat user, which gives you all the information about that user. !userinfo Venomouscash | Picture Example
!searchcommand !searchcmd [command/alias name] The bot provides a link to search the ARCbots command page for the command or alias. !searchcmd missing
!mail !msg Click Footnote 3 You can send mail to any user on xat, and if an ARCbot sees them, it will tell them that they have mail. !mail send VenomousCash Hey dude what's up? | Picture Example
!showusers [banned/guest/member/mod/owner/main/leave blank for all] The bot shows the names of the people with that rank that are in the chat room. !showusers member | Picture Example
!usersonline !onlineusers [banned/guest/member/mod/owner/main/leave blank for all] The bot counts how many of that specific type of user are online in the room. !usersonline
!optout userinfo [on/off] The bot opts you out from being included in the specified user data cache. (You are removed from inclusion in the !userinfo command.) !optout userinfo off | Picture Example
!dj Click Footnote 4 You can manage song requests for your radio station by using the bot. !dj request we will rock you
!relationship [user] The bot says the relationship of the xat user. !relationship Actavus
!releasedate [power name] The bot tells you the date the power was first released. !releasedate gold
!priceinfo [power name] The bot gives you the xat store price, and xatalert average percentage change in price. !priceinfo gold
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