The owner / moderator relationship has been changed.

You are no longer assigned specific moderators. All owners will need to work as a team and communicate about staff members performance and evaluate all staff members, not just a few at a time.

While owners still have the ability to !rmod a moderator, they must first discuss it with the active Administrative Staff Manager before taking any action on demoting a moderator.
You do not need to contact an Administrator to discipline moderators. (Kick, yellow card, etc) .

The staff prize eligibility tab in level 5+ reports has been updated to display staff performance boxes below where you input your decision for the payment qualification for that month. Use that to report any moderators with failing performance.

Note: We changed reports tab again only to Chat Managers (Main Owners).

You are still responsible for assisting new staff members that speak your language, and ensuring they are up to par with ARCBot standards.

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