About ARCbots

Why choose ARCbots?

  • We are listed on xat's official wiki.

This gives us reconition as being the trusted service you need for bots.

  • We give 5 days FREE Trial
  • We are the most advanced bots on xat.
  • We have 99% Uptime, with numerous servers.
  • Bots are 250 xats per month !


How do I setup my bot? Answer: Follow the tutorial on http://wiki.arcbots.com/tutorial . If you get stuck at anytime visit the ARCbot chat http://xat.com/arcbots and ask a member of staff for help.

Why do you need bot power? Answer: We do not require you to have it, xat does. xat (BOT) Power, allows you to have a bot on your chat it is not AN ACTUAL BOT. We did not make this decision xat did, Bot power costs 500 xats.

Who do we pay to? Answer: On the ARCbot chat look for the bot, and click on TRANSFER, after it put on message field your username on Arcbots.com, and the amount of xats to be transfered. 1 MONTH = 500 xats, BOT calculates automactly the time of any amount of xats.

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