About ARCbots

Why choose ARCbots?

  • We are listed on xat's official wiki.

This gives us reconition as being the trusted service you need for bots.

  • We give 5 days FREE Trial
  • We are the most advanced bots on xat.
  • We have 99% Uptime, with numerous servers.
  • Bots are 250 xats per month !


How do I setup my bot? Answer: Follow the tutorial on http://wiki.arcbots.com/tutorial . If you get stuck at anytime visit the ARCbot chat http://xat.com/arcbots and ask a member of staff for help.

Why do you need bot power? Answer: We do not require you to have it, xat does. xat (BOT) Power, allows you to have a bot on your chat it is not AN ACTUAL BOT. We did not make this decision xat did, Bot power costs 1000 xats. Or you can come in here XatTrade To buy bot power. You can find a lower price. 650-950 Xats.

Who do we pay to? Answer: On the ARCbot chat look for the bot, and click on TRANSFER, after it put on message field your username on Arcbots.com, and the amount of xats to be transfered. 1 MONTH = 250 xats, BOT calculates automactly the time of any amount of xats.

About time Bot.

  • 250 xats = 1 Month
  • 1000 xats = 4 month + 5% free time!
  • 3000 xats = 12 month + 15% free time!

Note: New

You should get into your cpanel and login into our system and find the menu called Create Radio Station click on it.
Here you can see a RADIO Tutorial

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